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+919711410030 / +9120-40059114


  • HRP High Rapidly Precision Machining Cente

    1). Controller Mitsubishi M720A + 10.4"LCD
    2). Spindle cooler.
    3). Spindle air blast.
    4). Cutting coolant system.
    5). Auto lubrication system
    6). Electrical cabinet heat exchanger.

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  • HDT Medium Travelling Double Columns Machining Center

    1). Operator/Maintenance manual.
    2). Spindle and Gear-box cooler.
    3). Ethernet/USB/RS232 interface.
    4). GTP 2G250 H/L gearbox.
    5). Air/Water cleaning equipment

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  • FQ High-Speed Fixed Double Columns Machining Center

    1). SIEMENS 828D + 10.4"LCD
    2). USB / RS-232 interface
    3). Electrical cabinet heat exchange.
    4). Steel belt type chip conveyor
    5). Semi enclosure splash guard (no roof)
    6). Hanging type control panel + MPG

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  • FDW Fixed Double Columns Machining Center

    1). Cam type ATC 24pcs(FD14~FD24A)
    2). Chain type ATC 32pcs(FD28~FD42, FDW)
    3). Open type splash guard (FD28~FD42, FDW)
    4). Leveling screw + foundation bolts
    5). Twin spirl type chip remover

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  • HBM T-Type (Column Moving) Horizontal Borer

    The high precision, great rigidity and excellent accessibility T-Type (moving column) machine with roto-translation table and high torque built-in spindle provide better metal removal rate.
    1). Specification
    2). Standard accessories
    3). Optional accessories


    CNC controlled with Siemens/Fanuc, automatic speed changing with stepless in each range. Encoder is in chuck for thread cutting and constant line speed cutting.
    1). Features
    2). Sprcification

  • Heavy Duty CNC Vertical Lathe Machine

    Momentum Heavy Duty CNC Vertical Lathe has a rugged machine construction with a guarantee of rigidity and stability.
    1). Lathes - > 3001 Mm - Heavy Duty Lathes
    2). Lathes - vertical turret lathes with CNC


    Machine main castings use "MEEHANITE" Class FC and aged naturally through time allowing longtimestructural stability. Machine base fully supported design creating high rigidity structure. Y and Z axis use precision ball screw driven by AC servo motor
    1). Specification
    2). Standard accessories
    3). Optional accessories

  • Gun Drilling Machine

    The gun drilling machine is known as deep hole drilling machine to drill workpiece a precision hole for metal cutting industry such as machine tool or die. This specific equipment supplied by Hong Ji is special for its round bar material. The gun drilling machine is an auto-feeding equipment with four spindles. It is a mass-production type with qualified automatic work piece-feeding system.
    1). Capacity
    2). Speed
    3). Hydraulic system
    4). Drive motor

  • Machining Centers

    Doosan Machine Tools offers a complete lineup of machining centers for small- to large-sized parts and the best machining solutions. Read more...

  • Horizontal Boring Mills

    Doosan Machine Tools provides customers with high-precision NC(Numerical Control) boring machines optimized for processing a variety of mid-to-large-sized work pieces including molds.