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Gun Drilling Machine

Why would you choose our gun drilling machine?

We Hosabettu Heavy Machinery LLP from Pune, Maharashtra are a leading gun drilling machine manufacturers, wholesale traders in India. We provide the best quality machine with flexible prices in a short time period.

As per industry norms and standards, we provide the premium quality gun drilling machine in compliance to meet international standards. Thus, we are also known as gun drilling machine manufacturers in all over India.

What is a gun drilling machine? What are its uses?

A gun drilling machine is a cutting tool machine used to make holes in the metal. So it is also named as a deep hole drilling machine.

A gun drilling machine is made with different parts such as gun drill, centrifuge, guide & gun drill grinder, rubber bush, coolant oil, oil cooler, oil mist collector, voltage stabilizer and safety door interlock.

Gun drilling machines are widely used in various kinds of industry such as automobile, metal manufacturing, machinery, switch gears, medical equipments. A gun drill machine is also used to make holes on the different kinds of machine tools.

What are the specialties of our gun drilling machine?

We offer SLA-1200 model with Hong ji brand gun drill machine which is performed with high productivity and high efficiency. It consists of four drill spindles with high speed range and they move smoothly. The diameter of gun drills in the range of 3 to 15 mm. The SLA model is designed with CNC or PLC system panel.

Technical specifications:
  • » Drilling Machine Dimensions: 5,500 x 4,000 x 1,900mm
  • » Power in Hp: 50hp or 65 Hp
  • » Speed range of spindle: 0 to 6000 rpm
  • » Drill feed range: 10 to 500 mm
  • » Drill stroke: 1000 mm
  • » Coolant tank capacity: 1600 liter

Key Features:
  • » Smooth and reliable performance
  • » Mass production Type
  • » Excellent Design
  • » Long life service
  • » Corrosion resistant

Hosabettu is a well-known and reputed company in the markets for providing high quality heavy machines on timely period. Contact us today and order drilling machine for getting it within less time.